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Pottery Dragons

Our range of dragons is extensive.

We make wall dragons in two sizes - designed not surprisingly to hang on your wall. Although each one is an individual, the large ones measure roughly 12 inches from nose to tail and 7 inches base to tip. The smaller ones are 8.5 inches nose to tail and 5.5 inches from base to tip. These sizes do depend upon the style and posture.

Out chained dragons are free-standing and mounted on either a celtic base or a glazed rock. The chains are hand-made unglazed pottery and are used to keep the dragons subdued.

We also make much larger dragons - typically 16inches nose to tail, 8.75inches wide and 9inches tall. These are party animals and need to be seen in the flesh to be believed.

View images of some of our work, but beware - the page contains lots of photos, so could take some time to download.

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More dragon photos can be seen on our Pottery Dragons website.