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Muggins Pottery - Hand-Made Pottery at its Best

Our hand-made items make unique wedding gifts, birthday presents, christening presents and anniversary gifts. We also supply corporate gifts that can be customised to your own requirements.

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Many of our large items can have a name added - a chance to have something unique in a globalised world.

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Our Catalogue

  money boxes


Pottery Money Boxes
Cats, dogs, whales, hippos, elephants, bulls, sheep, and of course piggy banks.
see money boxes

  pottery pigs

Pottery Pigs
Piggy banks, flying pigs, mini pigs, and pigs on plates.
see pottery pigs

  pottery miniature collectables


Pottery Miniature Collectables
Cats, dogs, whales, hippos, elephants, bulls, sheep, frogs and pigs.
see miniature pottery

  pottery cats

Pottery Cats
Cats in all sizes and shapes.
see pottery cats



Large or small, smiling or grumpy.
see pottery teapots

  pottery dogs

Pottery Dogs
Dogs in all shapes and sizes.
see pottery dogs

  pottery mugs


Pottery Mugs
Grumpy, happy, smoking, drunk, and snug.
see pottery mugs

  pottery hippos

Pottery Hippos
Hippos sitting, standing and running in all sizes.
see pottery hippos

  pottery kitchenware


Pottery Kitchenware
Bowls, teapots, pots and jars.
see pottery kitchenware

  pottery tableware

Pottery Tableware
Plates, goblets, and bowls.
see pottery tableware

  garden pottery


Garden Pottery
Small vases to hang on the wall, and planters.
see garden pottery

  pottery frogs

Pottery Frogs
Miniature frogs and frogs on jars.
see pottery frogs

  flying beasties


Pottery Flying Beasties
Hippos, pigs, elephants, cats, fish, dogs, ducks, sheep, and dragons - all flying.
see pottery flying beasties

  pottery mice

Pottery Mice
Small church mice and mice on plates and jars.
see pottery mice

  pottery boxes  

Pottery Jars
Any of our miniatures on a jar.
see pottery jars

  pottery whales

Pottery Whales
Miniature whales and whales on jars.
see pottery whales

  pottery bowls  

Pottery Bowls
Sugar bowls and fruit bowls.
see pottery bowls

  pottery bulls

Pottery Bulls
Piggy bank bulls.
see pottery bulls

  pottery sheep  

Pottery Sheep
Sheep piggy banks, flying sheep, and sheep on jars.
see pottery sheep

  pottery elephants

Pottery Elephants
Elephant piggy banks, flying elephants, miniatures and elephants on jars.
see pottery elephants

  pottery dragons

Pottery Dragons
Flying and sitting, large or small.
see pottery dragons

  miscellaneous pottery  

Everything else ...
see range

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Just a quick email to say that my piggy bank arrived this morning that I recently ordered for my Godson Benjamin, and I love it, its absolutely fantastic - better than I could have imagined.

Thank-you for dealing with my request so promptly and kindly and for the great customer service that I have received. I will most certainly be recommending 'Muggins' to fellow family and friends.

Posted to Wheldrake, YORK

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